Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN,, interviews Dr. Robert Ghelfi. Dr. Ghelfi, received his medical degree from LomaLindaUniversity in California in 1986, and completed his Residency in Surgery at the University of Utah Affiliated Hospitals in 1991. He is board certified in General Surgery, and is an active Fellow in the AmericanCollege of Surgeons, as well as an active member of the Fellowship for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Ghelfi is the medical director of BodyLogicMD of Sacramento and devots his practice to treating men and women suffering from the many symptoms of hormonal imbalance including menopause, andropause, mood swings, irritability, low libido, depression, night sweats and fatigue using a combination of bioidentical hormones and customized nutrition and fitness programs.

Dr. Ghelfi is dedicated to helping patients find relief from symptoms of hormone imbalance by leveraging his passion for health and fitness. He treats his patients using a preventive approach, rather than more reactive conventional treatments. With a personal passion for daily fitness, he guides his patients to make healthier choices in nutrition and exercise programs and relishes in his ability to give them the tools to sustain their longevity.Contact: 866.972.5302 ext. 1,

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