Intro Bio : Mitchell Kurk MD  studied at Queens College,  Columbia University, Massachusetts College of Optometry, Philadelphia College Osteopathic Medicine - D.O. and the University of California College of Medicine.  His focus has been on Natural therapy for many years.  He has delved into many aspects of Anti-aging therapy, and for more than 30 years, Mitchell Kurk, M.D., has served New York City and the surrounding areas with preventative and nutritional medicine. His goal is treating illnesses in a natural way !


CONTACT for Public:

Dr. Mitchell Kurk

310 Broadway, Lawrence, NY, 11559

TOPIC; Natural Remedies for Summer Ailments


On this edition of the Natural Nurse and  Dr. Z,  the hosts of the program will  team up and discuss  Natural remedies for summer ailments.


As we enjoy the beautiful weather and the coming summer solstice energy, many of us love spending time outside enjoying the Great Outdoors.


 But of course, being outdoors comes with its own share of seasonal issues…. such as sunburn, heat exhaustion, hayfever /allergies, bug bites, Lyme disease, poison ivy, food poisoning, aches and pains /strains and sprains from yard work or hiking, and a host of other maladies.


But thankfully, Mother Nature has given us a natural medicine chest full of incredible non-toxic remedies to assist you and your loved ones with many of these conditions.


 Dr. Eugene Zampieron,  a licensed naturopathic physician and herbalist, and Ellen Kamhi , The Natural Nurse®,  will focus on homeopathic remedies and other natural approaches to keep you healthy, safe and enjoying the great outdoors during this joyful, sunny season. So please join us!!

Guest: Karen Howard, CEO and Executive Director of Organic & Natural Health Association

Topic:    Warnings for the Natural Products Industry

Karen Howard, CEO and Executive Director of Organic & Natural Health Association  has spent more than 30 years working with Congress, state legislatures and healthcare organizations to develop innovative healthcare policy and programs. During her tenure at American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, she built a sustainable infrastructure, significantly improved financial performance, established a strong federal presence and supported multiple state association advocacy efforts for licensure. Karen will share some of the challenges now facing both the Naturopathic and Nutraceutical industries , in continuing to offer natural supplements and therapies for the many individuals who choose to use this path of healthcare.




Guest: Sarah Lobisco, ND, IFMCP


Topic: Essential Oil Therapy


Sarah Lobisco, ND, IFMCP is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM). She is licensed in Vermont as a naturopathic doctor and has earned her certification in functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM).  Dr. LoBisco also holds a Bachelor of Psychology from State University of New York at Geneseo and an Applied Kinesiology certification.

She is a speaker on integrative health, has several publications, and does independent contracting or companies regarding supplements, nutraceuticals, essential oils, and medical foods. Dr. LoBisco currently incorporates her training as a naturopathic doctor and functional medicine practitioner through writing, teaching, private practice, and through her independent contracting work. She maintains her private wellness consultation practice through virtual consultations. Dr. LoBisco also enjoys continuing to educate and empower her readers through her blogs and social media.


Essential Oil Database


Guest: George Bentley

George Bentley is an expert author, attorney, certified aging-in-place specialist, and consumer advocate.

He has conducted extensive research into cutting edge health, longevity, anti-aging, and safety technologies.
George is the author of THE JOY OF BATHING, and
his new book, Thrive Now: How to Die Young at an Old Age.

George is convinced the technology currently exists to greatly slow or eliminate many of the life shortening conditions, we refer to in the US as “degenerative” or “age related”.   He is considered one of the nation’s leading authorities on the use of Medical Hydrotherapy. 


Joshua Rosenthal, MD

TOPIC: Mitochondrial Health Prescription

CONTACT for Public:



Dr. Josh is a dual Board Certified Sleep Physician and Head and Neck Specialist who is dedicated to health and wellness.  After a decade of seeing patients get sicker, he used his curiosity to search for explanations.  To his surprise, he found publications in the world of biophysics to contain the body’s divine secrets and then began to become an expert in his understanding of circadian biology, mitochondrial medicine, light/photonics and the amazing properties of water.  In this regard, he had to unlearn a model of holding off disease and relearn a model of building wellness. The result was the understanding of how to build quantum coherence in the electromagnetic human body down to the cellular and subcellular levels.  He incorporates lifestyle therapies as well as various high level mitochondrial therapies to help clients recover from their symptoms.

The doctor is available as a consultant and educator in the wellness space.  His unique MitoCircadian approach utilizes circadian biology, quantum physics, heliotherapy, chronotherapy, photobiomodulation, epigenetics and mitochondrial medicine to allow an integrative wellness approach that addresses the most foundational levels of wellness.

Host: Dr. Eugene Zampieron

Guest: Steven H. Horne, RH(AHG)

TOPIC: Strategies for Health, a compressive guide to natural healing

Short Intro Bio:

Steven Horne, Rh(AHG)  is an internationally recognized herbalist, iridologist, and natural healer. A professional member and past-president of the American Herbalists Guild and a Certified Comprehensive Iridology Instructor, Steven’s passion for helping people has lead him to write and teach about natural health for over 40 years. He is the co-author of Modern Herbal Dispensary, a popular book on herbal medicine-making, and the author of Strategies for Health, a compressive guide to natural healing.

Contact: Visit my website and sign up for my free herbal newsletter

Guest: Alena Butkevica, MD, DMD, Ph.D

Topic:    A facial Surgeons Scientifically-based approach to Skin Care

Alena Butkevica, MD, DMD, Ph.D has over 20 years of experience in oromaxillofacial surgery which enabled her to develop a deep understanding of human physiology. Dr. Butkevica is A relentless researcher and an expert in pursuing new medical findings. Dr Butkevica believes “Nature provides us with the resources to promote vitality and longevity – and they’re available to everyone. “ She combines ancestral knowledge of ancient cultures with a scientific approach to support health and longevity, especially as it relates to skin health. 


Guest: Justin Bethoney, NP- Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Topic:  The Mental Wellness Diet- Ancient Wisdom, Evolving Science, Modern Day Options

Justin Bethoney, NP, Graduated from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions and operates a private practice as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. He services both children and adults for psychiatric medication management and therapy in the outpatient setting. Justin’s practices primarily focuses on those who are functional (working, attending school) but suffering with emotional distress (anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD). In his book, The Mental Wellness Diet- Ancient Wisdom, Evolving Science, Modern Day Options  , Justin shares his experiences along with scientific proof, that “if we feed our brain the nutrients it craves, we well be better able to feel and function at our best.”


GUEST: Sandra Lee, Analytical Testing Expert, Host of “Going Beyond Testing” Podcaster

Topic: Analytical Testing to Support Health

Sandra Lee is a Chemist and Scientist. As a University of Michigan graduate and  scientist, Sandra one of the few female CEOs in the analytical testing industry. She has a passion for chemistry and how it influences multiple aspects of our daily lives. Sandra has worked in many scientific roles at both Cardinal Health and Pfizer where she recognized the importance of uncompromising quality through chemistry, not only from the company’s perspective, but also from the consumer’s perspective of product safety and public health needs. Although COVID has brought more attention to the importance of rapid at-home tests, there are other important at home tests to consider. Such as how to select the most accurate tick test and why “going beyond testing” using a new DNA-based method to test for the presence of pathogens with high specificity is important. Sandra Lee is CEO of NJ Labs. To get TICK TEST KITS:

Twitter: @NJ_Labs 


The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z
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