Guest: George Bentley

George Bentley is an expert author, attorney, certified aging-in-place specialist, and consumer advocate.

He has conducted extensive research into cutting edge health, longevity, anti-aging, and safety technologies.
George is the author of THE JOY OF BATHING, and
his new book, Thrive Now: How to Die Young at an Old Age.

George is convinced the technology currently exists to greatly slow or eliminate many of the life shortening conditions, we refer to in the US as “degenerative” or “age related”.   He is considered one of the nation’s leading authorities on the use of Medical Hydrotherapy. 


Joshua Rosenthal, MD

TOPIC: Mitochondrial Health Prescription

CONTACT for Public:



Dr. Josh is a dual Board Certified Sleep Physician and Head and Neck Specialist who is dedicated to health and wellness.  After a decade of seeing patients get sicker, he used his curiosity to search for explanations.  To his surprise, he found publications in the world of biophysics to contain the body’s divine secrets and then began to become an expert in his understanding of circadian biology, mitochondrial medicine, light/photonics and the amazing properties of water.  In this regard, he had to unlearn a model of holding off disease and relearn a model of building wellness. The result was the understanding of how to build quantum coherence in the electromagnetic human body down to the cellular and subcellular levels.  He incorporates lifestyle therapies as well as various high level mitochondrial therapies to help clients recover from their symptoms.

The doctor is available as a consultant and educator in the wellness space.  His unique MitoCircadian approach utilizes circadian biology, quantum physics, heliotherapy, chronotherapy, photobiomodulation, epigenetics and mitochondrial medicine to allow an integrative wellness approach that addresses the most foundational levels of wellness.

Host: Dr. Eugene Zampieron

Guest: Steven H. Horne, RH(AHG)

TOPIC: Strategies for Health, a compressive guide to natural healing

Short Intro Bio:

Steven Horne, Rh(AHG)  is an internationally recognized herbalist, iridologist, and natural healer. A professional member and past-president of the American Herbalists Guild and a Certified Comprehensive Iridology Instructor, Steven’s passion for helping people has lead him to write and teach about natural health for over 40 years. He is the co-author of Modern Herbal Dispensary, a popular book on herbal medicine-making, and the author of Strategies for Health, a compressive guide to natural healing.

Contact: Visit my website and sign up for my free herbal newsletter

Guest: Alena Butkevica, MD, DMD, Ph.D

Topic:    A facial Surgeons Scientifically-based approach to Skin Care

Alena Butkevica, MD, DMD, Ph.D has over 20 years of experience in oromaxillofacial surgery which enabled her to develop a deep understanding of human physiology. Dr. Butkevica is A relentless researcher and an expert in pursuing new medical findings. Dr Butkevica believes “Nature provides us with the resources to promote vitality and longevity – and they’re available to everyone. “ She combines ancestral knowledge of ancient cultures with a scientific approach to support health and longevity, especially as it relates to skin health. 


Guest: Justin Bethoney, NP- Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Topic:  The Mental Wellness Diet- Ancient Wisdom, Evolving Science, Modern Day Options

Justin Bethoney, NP, Graduated from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions and operates a private practice as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. He services both children and adults for psychiatric medication management and therapy in the outpatient setting. Justin’s practices primarily focuses on those who are functional (working, attending school) but suffering with emotional distress (anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD). In his book, The Mental Wellness Diet- Ancient Wisdom, Evolving Science, Modern Day Options  , Justin shares his experiences along with scientific proof, that “if we feed our brain the nutrients it craves, we well be better able to feel and function at our best.”


GUEST: Sandra Lee, Analytical Testing Expert, Host of “Going Beyond Testing” Podcaster

Topic: Analytical Testing to Support Health

Sandra Lee is a Chemist and Scientist. As a University of Michigan graduate and  scientist, Sandra one of the few female CEOs in the analytical testing industry. She has a passion for chemistry and how it influences multiple aspects of our daily lives. Sandra has worked in many scientific roles at both Cardinal Health and Pfizer where she recognized the importance of uncompromising quality through chemistry, not only from the company’s perspective, but also from the consumer’s perspective of product safety and public health needs. Although COVID has brought more attention to the importance of rapid at-home tests, there are other important at home tests to consider. Such as how to select the most accurate tick test and why “going beyond testing” using a new DNA-based method to test for the presence of pathogens with high specificity is important. Sandra Lee is CEO of NJ Labs. To get TICK TEST KITS:

Twitter: @NJ_Labs 


Ran Knishinsky

Ran Knishinsky holds an MBA from Arizona State University. He has been studying the science of consuming clay for more than 30 years.
Ran has worked in both the naturopathic and allopathic medicine industries, first as the owner of a homeopathic dispensary and later as a consultant and marketing executive in the hospital and pharmaceutical sectors. He is the author of several books, including Prickly Pear Cactus Medicine, and The Prozac Alternative.  Today we will be discussing his book, Healing with Clay: A Practical Guide to the Earths Oldest Natural Remedy.






Healing with Clay: A Practical Guide to the Earths Oldest Natural Remedy.


Explores the Science and History behind Eating Clay and Explains How it can be Used for , Protection, and Nutritional Supplementation

An exceptional detoxification agent, clay has been ingested as a traditional remedy and nutritional supplement throughout the world for thousands of years. It is still eaten on a daily basis by more than 200 cultures worldwide for better digestion, internal protection, and overall
well-being.In this revised and expanded edition of The Clay Cure, Ran Knishinsky explores the science and history behind eating clay, citing many clinical studies on the beneficial effects of clay consumption and revealing that clay eating is neither a crazy nor an aberrant behavior. He details how clay can be used as a protectant and detoxificant. He explains how clay is naturally absorbent and extremely gentle on the system and reveals how it’s safe to use, even during pregnancy. He also explores the newest scientific research around its detoxifying properties, antibacterial and antiviral effects, its potential use in obesity, and its role in the treatment of a handful of gastrointestinal conditions.
The author examines the extraordinarily rich mineral content of clay and its benefits throughout the body. He details how to select the appropriate type and form of clay, when to consume, and
how to purchase a high-quality clay product. Revealing how eating clay can truly benefit your health, this practical guide details everything you need to know about healing with Earth’s oldest natural remedy.

GUEST:   Bill Broadbent- Edible Insect Educator

Topic:   Edible Insects as a Serious Food Source

Bill Broadbent is the President of Entosense and has been involved in the emerging edible insect movement for many years. He acts as an Edible Insect Educator and has attended entomophagy conferences around the world.

Edible insects as a serious food source have been gaining acceptance across the United States, Canada and Europe in recent years.

In today’s increased environmental and health conscious world, edible insects make sense to a lot of people. This trend will not slow down as our planet struggles to adapt to a 50% to 80% increase in food demand in less than 50 years. Food insecurity is a major cause of strife and war. For the benefit of our children, we need solutions to our unsustainable livestock production systems. Edible insects are one all-natural, humane, and sustainable answer.


TOPIC:  HAIR ANALYSIS- What you can learn about your health!

Join the hosts of the Natural Nurse and Doctor Z as they discuss the validity of hair mineral tissue analysis. In conventional medicine, hair analysis is used by forensic experts and toxicologists as well as law enforcement to solve crimes and diagnose toxicity.


 Naturopathic and functional medicine doctor utilize hair analysis routinely as a screening tool to help uncover a common root cause of health challenges:  heavy metal toxicity and nutritional deficiencies.


 Hair mineral analysis can also help detect endocrine system irregularities and is a very sensitive measurement of hypothyroidism even when blood tests appear normal.


 Dr. Z and the Natural Nurse have been using hair analysis for over 30 years . They were taught by one of the great masters of hair analysis, the late great Dr. Serafina Corsello.





Topic: Garlic In Nose: Misguided or Dangerous Health Trend?



Dr. Matthew Jay Budoff, MD, FACC, FAHA, professor of medicine at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and the endowed chair of preventive cardiology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is one of the foremost authorities on the research behind the healing powers of garlic. He has been the lead researcher on numerous studies showing the benefits of garlic. Budoff is on the editorial boards of several cardiology journals, including Clinical Cardiology, Journal of Invasive Cardiology, JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging, and Cardiovascular Diabetology. Budoff has been named to “America’s Top Doctors” , U.S. News & World Report Top Doctor, was awarded the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and also named “The world’s most influential scientific researchers” .

Contact:  Dr. Matthew Budoff
Twitter: @BudoffMd
Website:  or find garlic studies at:

The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z
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