Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, www.naturalnurse.com, interviews Phillip Wilson. Phillip graduated from Indiana University with an honors degree in Mathematics, and spent 4 years in graduate school in mathematics before awakening to new understanding of life. In 1971, Phil began fasting in order to purify his body, his feelings, and his mind.   By 1976, Phil was involved with natural therapies and opened up a Health Food Store and distribution facility in Columbus Ohio.  Massage  and wellness tools soon became his niche. His company , Momentum98, educates consumers and health professionals about  the  benefits of far infrared light energy, sauna, and other natural healing modalities. He lectures widely on many aspects of the benefits of Far Infrared Energy, and has attended over 300 professional conferences and expos.  He has seen over 20,000 minor or major miracles in this span of time, and will be sharing some of these stories, as well as much scientific research on these new healing modalities. Contact:   

The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z
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