Dr Kim VanderLinden is a naturopathic physician in Vancouver Canada as well as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Dr Vanderlinden has also served as president of several nutrition companies , including Hope Science, Early Detection Inc,  Periodyne Inc.,  and Enzymatic Therapy (ET) Canada.  
Dr. Vanderlinden is the Author of the book: Too Good To Be True?, which highlights the science supporting the use of inositol Hexakiphosphate (IP6) in the areas of oncology, diabetes, kidney stones and osteoporosis.
He is also involved in researching and Organizing clinical trials using cetylated oils to limit inflammation and restore tissue, which has multiple applications. 
Dr. Vanderlinden is currently working on an early stage cancer screening test, which he hopes will be available early next year.     Contact:  drkimv@gmail.com

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