Host Eugene Zampieron, ND, AHG,, interviews Dr. Robert Brody, ND, MS.  Brody received his ND in Naturopathic Medicine and MS in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. He is now a staff physician at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine under Dr. Peter D’Adamo, the world-renowned author of  Eat Right 4 Your Type  and creator of the Blood Type Diet.  From a young age “Brody” was interested in natural medicine and the power of nature. Growing up he was heavily influenced by his father, who is a practicing Nutritionist. At the age of 16, Bob became an Eagle Scout.   He witnessed many students taking prescription drugs, yet their health was not improving. Working with these students inspired Dr. Brody to further pursue natural medicine and become the family physician he is today. 

Contact:  (203) 270-0070.

The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z
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