Host Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, interviews Mr. Trent Millet.
Aime “Trent” Millet is president of the Mohawk-Hudson Dowsers. He holds a certificate in Bio-harmonics, and does workshops on Radionics, Intentional Healing and Healing Devices, Sacred Relationship, and the Health and Healing Properties of Water. He has also developed the “Optic-phonic” system of communicating with water. Trent has concentrated the last years on research, experiences, medical history and re-validating the healing waters of Saratoga. He does informational tours of the mineral water of Saratoga Springs in partnership with Roosevelt Baths and Spa. He has presented nationwide on the benefits Saratoga’s Waters and has been a presenter on radio and TV. On todays show, we will discuss the long history of the medicinal health benefits of natural mineral springs, and the use of water as a therapeutic agent. In particular we will review traditional and medical literature about the waters found in Saratoga Springs, NY. Contact:   

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