Host Ellen Kamhi PHD RN, interviews Dr. Christopher Vasey. Christopher Vasey is a naturopath and author living in Chamby-Montreux, Switzerland.
He studied naturopathy in Paris, and started his private practice in 1979. Alongside his therapeutic work, he continued his formation by studying the works of famous naturopaths such as Dr. Paul Carton, Herbert Shelton, Robert Masson, R. Jackson, Kneipp, and others. From 1988 onwards, he started to author an ever growing collection of books, including "The Acid alkaline Diet", "The Naturopathic Way", and "Optimal Detox". Christopher Vasey lectures regularly in Europe (Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, Iceland …), in the USA and Canada. On today’s show, we focus on his book, Natural Remedies for Inflammation.
In this practical guide he explores 18 anti-inflammatory herbs, such as bay laurel, basil, turmeric, and devil’s claw, as well as 15 other natural substances, such as propolis and fish oil. He explains which conditions each addresses most effectively, proper dosage, and the best methods of ingestion.

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