August 23, 2010


Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND, AHG, , interviews Dr Norman Suhu. Dr Suhu is a naturopath and acupuncturist who maintains offices in Manhattan and Glen Cove, N.Y.

He has extensive post-graduate training in classical homeopathy and acupuncture. Dr. Suhu has studied under numerous masters of ancient healing arts, including Dr. Ridak Sawa, Professor of Tibetan herbs and clinical massage from the Tibetan Medical College in Dharmasala, and the only son of the Dalai Lama's personal physician. Dr. Suhu also specializes in the unique bio-energetic therapy known as Biosyntonie. Today’s topic is “Tibetan Wisdom for Disease Prevention and Longevity.”

Dr. Suhu will focus on the theories and practices unique to the ancient healing system of Tibetan Medicine.

Contact: (212) 691-8281

The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z
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