Host, Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND,, interviews KURT SCHNAUBELT, PhD. Kurt Schnaubelt received his PhD in chemistry from the Technical University of Munich. He is the author of numerous books on the topic of aromatherapy. Among those is the classic aromatherapy textbook, Advanced Aromatherapy. His latest book is The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils which explores the biological foundations of aromatherapy. In 1983 Kurt founded the Pacific institute of Aromatherapy (PIA), the first American research institution fully dedicated to aromatherapy. As an international lecturer Kurt Schnaubelt has presented in diverse forums as well as scientific events, and has been involved in state-subsidized as well as privately financed development projects. He remains deeply involved with essential oil producers in France through annual training tours organized by Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. With almost 10 000 graduates Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy is one of the top educational aromatherapy institutions in the US.


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