Host, Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN,, interviews Sara Chana. Sara is an International board-certified lactation consultant, birthing instructor, classical homeopath and Registered Herbalist. Sara Chana guides women from adolescence, through pregnancy and childbirth on to menopause. Chana is a mother of 7 and was introduced to homeopathy as a result of her 2nd son’s severe eczema, reflux and asthma. As she went from specialist to specialist seeking a cure, each one told her that her son would need to be on medication for the rest of his life, Sara decided to look into alternative medicine. By educating herself and using homeopathic remedies, she was able to cure her son and now specializes in helping moms all over the country with natural remedies for their children. In addition to receiving newborn and post-partum training at the Saint-VincentHospital in New York. Sara is  a member of the American Herbalist Guild, and completed  over 500 clinical hours on homeopathic medicine with Maya School of Homeopathy. Over the years, Chana has strengthened women by educating them on how to treat and heal their children naturally. Contact:


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