Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN,, interviews Dr. Julie T. Chen, M.D. Dr. Chen is an integrative medicine physician who is board-certified in internal medicine and is also fellowship-trained and board-certified in integrative medicine. She has her own medical practice in San Jose, CA, is the medical director of corporation wellness at several Silicon Valley-based corporations, is on several medical expert panels of websites as well as non-profit organizations, is a recurring monthly columnist for several national magazines, and has been featured in radio, TV, newspaper, and magazine interviews. She incorporates many types of healing modalities into her practice including medical acupuncture, Chinese scalp acupuncture, clinical hypnotherapy, strain-counterstrain osteopathic manipulations, and biofeedback. On today’s show Dr. Chen discusses the controversy surrounding the studies and recommendations about using aspirin:  Recent studies show that aspirin can help prevent cancers especially colon cancer and esophageal cancer and heart disease...but some studies suggest there is potential for increased bleeding what should we do? Take the daily aspirin or not? The truth vs myth of what to do with aspirin. Contact:


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