Host Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND, MH, interviews Dr. Leonard Oestreicher. Dr Oestreicher received his Bachelor of Science from University of Wisconsin, Madison in1970 and his M.D. from University of California in 1974. His career choice of Family Practice prepared Dr.Oestreicher for writing the book, The Pied Pipers of Autism. Family practitioners have to synthesize the findings from many medical specialties to form a coherent rational practice for the benefit of patients. For thirty five years Dr. O has been involved with the lives of his patients and their families, and has broad personal and professional experience on the nature and norms of child rearing and how they have changed. During that time Autism Spectrum Disorder has emerged from being a very rare to a very common disorder, with a 2,500% increase in the number of children acquiring this disorder over the last 50 years. On today’s show, Dr Oestriecher shares information about the cause of the increase in Autism, from the development of human social networks to influences of modern life on brain neuron conduction. He feels his best understanding comes from being a participant in the beautiful process of development in infants and children that has gone so astray because of the Pied Pipers of Autism. Dr. Leonard Oestreicher continues to practice medicine in Merced, California where he lives with his wife and their three year old daughter.


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