Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN,, interviews Dr. Norman Rosenthal. As the psychiatrist who first diagnosed seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and a veteran researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health, Dr. Norman Rosenthal is all-too-familiar with the ways that adversity can shape a person’s life. In his New York Times bestseller, Transcendence, Dr. Rosenthal explored a method being used by many—from war veterans to children—to cope with adversity. Now, in THE GIFT OF ADVERSITY: The Unexpected Benefits of Life’s Difficulties, Setbacks, and Imperfections, he tackles the topic of adversity head on, drawing on his own unique upbringing in apartheid South Africa as well as on case studies and discussions with well-known figures like Viktor Frankl and David Lynch, to show readers how they can learn from adversity to become better, stronger and more resilient. Contact:

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