Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, www.naturalnurse.com, interviews Brenda Cobb, founder of  the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.  Brenda was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer in 1999.   She refused the surgery and chemotherapy that her doctor recommended because she had seen her own family members and friends diagnosed with the same type of cancers try these treatments and fail.  Brenda set out on a journey to explore a natural way of healing and discovered Raw and Living Foods and Detoxification.  Brenda began her healing journey in February 1999 and by September 1999 she was disease free. One of her medical doctors wrote the foreword to her first book praising her for the healing protocol that she developed to help herself and others.

What began as the biggest challenge in Brenda’s life turned into a wonderful gift to humanity.  Since opening the Living Foods Institute Brenda has expanded her Healthy Lifestyle Course to help people heal on every level. She has spoken to many thousands of people around the world about the benefits of  good nutrition and detoxification. In testimony after testimony people have found relief and healing by following Brenda’s Healthy Protocol. Brenda has written 10 books including  “The Living Foods Lifestyle®”  and has a CD on the benefits of Raw and Living Foods and a Healthy Lifestyle.  She  hosted the radio show, Living Well on WGUN 1010AM and has appeared live on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX networks.  Brenda’s mission to help “Heal the World One Person at a Time” is being fulfilled  very day as the internationally acclaimed Living Foods Institute is now known around the world.   Contact: 800-844-9876 or  404-524-4488  www.livingfoodsinstitute.com Email Brenda@livingfoodsinstitute.com

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