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Guest: Tricia Silverman RD, MBA


Topic:  Healthy Dividends: Investments In Nutrition, Movement, and Healthy Habits that Pay Off

Tricia Silverman RD, MBA Tricia has been a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, since she was a child. She  is a registered dietitian, certified wellness coach, and fitness instructor (certified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor), and International Amazon Bestselling Author. She has her MBA and teaches Nutrition
Entrepreneurship and Healthy Aging for Northeastern University. She creates
captivating nutrition programs for conferences, employee wellness, senior
centers, businesses, and more. Through her coaching practice, she has helped
people lose weight, eat better, move more, and get more out of life! Tricia leads
nutrition, weight management, and coaching certifications across the US, and is the author of the international best seller: Healthy Dividends: Investments In Nutrition, Movement, and Healthy Habits that Pay Off



Hosts Dr. Eugene Zampieron and Ellen Kamhi The Natural Nurse Review MENS HEALTH 
Beyond Saw palmetto; New research and naturopathic treatments for prostate afflictions in aging men 
So many men develop prostate issues as they age; in fact it's one of the most common reasons for why men seek out Medical attention, as it effects urine flow, sleep, sex life and can even cause life-threatening kidney infections and kidney stones.
Conventional doctors just focus on  drugs that block  hormonal  and spasmodic  aspects of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), but new research shows that many times BPH should be treated like rheumatoid arthritis and has inflammatory ,autoimmune,toxic, mineral deficiencies, and gut related components to its pathophysiology.
 Dr. Eugene  Zampieron, ND,RH(AHG), co-host of the Natural Nurse and Doctor Z, is a naturopathic physician, professional registered herbalist , ethnobotanical researcher,  and a professor teaching Urology  and Men's Health at the University of Bridgeport College of naturopathic medicine.
DrZ has  developed Cutting Edge lab workups and treatment protocols  which involve both herbal medicines from yesteryear, as used by the eclectic physician at the turn of the 20th century, detoxification strategies, mineral balancing techniques
 as well as new approaches to modulating the inflammatory cytokines and kinases  involved in BPH ; he has helped hundreds of men using his program.
He will discuss this topic with  his co-host, the  Natural nurse, Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, RH(AHG) on todays program.

Name: Dr. Julie Gatza, DC, Co-founder of the Florida Wellness Institute


Topic: Pure, White, and Deadly: How Sugar Is Killing Us


Health educator Dr. Julie Gatza is one of the nation's top chiropractic physicians with more than 30 years of clinical practice during which she assisted thousands of patients to resolve a wide variety of physical ailments.  Using her understanding of the nervous system, nutrition, and alternative therapies, Dr. Gatza’s mission with each patient is to enhance their body's potential to heal itself.  Dr. Gatza regularly lectures and educates audiences on how to achieve optimum health with a focus on the role that digestion plays in maintaining a healthy immune system.



Listeners can go to for more information or call 800-827-7656 for free samples.

Topic:  Evidenced Based Nutrients


Dr Mark Ratner completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University, where he also did graduate work in Nutritional Biochemistry. Following graduate school, Ratner attended the Tulane University School of Medicine, and completed his residency training in Adult and Pediatric Urology at the Tulane Hospital system. Dr Ratner ran his Washington, DC-based practice for 30 years focused on male reproductive health. He has been an investigator for dozens of clinical trials, and served as the director of male reproductive medicine for one of the largest IVF practices in the country. Additionally, he has spoken at dozens of national meetings, covering topics across a wide range of medical specialties including nutrition, male and female fertility, rheumatology, OB-GYN, urology and pain management.
He is the chief science officer at Theralogix, a health and wellness company founded by a team of physicians and scientists committed to developing evidence-based, independently certified nutritional supplements.  Contact:   Website:

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                           “Heartburn, Acid Reflux, And GERD: What You Need To Know”

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                        “Metformin: What You Need To Know”

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