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Guest: Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon Psy.D., DABPS, C.HT

Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon Psy.D., DABPS, C.HTis a double board certified integrative and interventional psychologist, author and speaker. She supports  integrative health and believes in a holistic approach-treating the body and the mind. Dr. Aimee leads an integrative and functional health and wellness practice, serving clients locally and internationally. She and her multidisciplinary team focus on wellness, preventive care and coaching to help people live healthier, happier and more satisfying lives. Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon and her team of experts don't just treat symptoms, they solve health problems and create better outcomes.  
The Center for Integrative and Functional Health & Wellness
tel:   630 980 1400
Topic  : know your Legal GMP’s
Asa Waldstein is a Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH) with 20 years of experience developing and implementing compliant marketing and cGMP manufacturing processes in the dietary supplement and hemp industries. Asa has formulated, manufactured, and marketed hundreds of products in a compliant manner and has helped oversee three FDA CFR 111 audits without any 483s. Asa is a former AHPA board member and current Chair of AHPA's Cannabis Committee.
 Asa is CEO of the regulatory consulting company Supplement Advisory Group.  He is also founder of the Regulatory Education Series platform which regularly hosts free events for the community FDA/FTC enforcement trend analysis, social media marketing principles, and manufacturing efficiency principles.  
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Dr. Kevin Spelman is a molecular biologist, phytochemist, clinician and herbalist who has worked with medicinal plants in the field, in the clinic, and in research models including clinical human trials and preclinical models. He has practiced phytotherapy at several clinics and was a cofounder of the first full accredited Master of Science degree in Clinical Herbal Medicine.  As a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute on Aging he researched the molecular biology of brain and ovarian cancer and predicted and demonstrated novel phytocannabinoid ligands from Zanthoxylum spp. Dr. Spelman was a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the EU researching medicinal plants against malaria. His doctoral work connected metabolic and immunological function and elucidated a novel target for Echinacea spp. Dr. Spelman has been an editor, reviewer and contributed to the knowledge base in Integrative Medicine with publications in JPBA, Phytother Res, Toxicology, J Chromatogr B, Anal Biochem, Int Immunopharmacol, Planta Medica, etc. Dr. Spelman also publishes an audio science journal The Spelman Report: PhytoPharmacology Review highlighting clinically relevant research on natural products. He also runs Health, Education & Research a consulting company for the natural products and cannabis industry.
From Farm to Pharmacy and Back Again: My grandmother's Recipes for Good Health Lynn Lafferty, Pharm.D., ND,MBA, CNC, DACBN is a doctor of Pharmacy and licensed pharmacist, Naturopathic Doctor, Diplomate from the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, master herbalist, and chef who is committed to finding the safest and most effective means to promote health and wellness over disease and illness. She is an Endowed Professor and  Assistant Clinical Professor in the Nova Southeastern University  College of Pharmacy and has Functional Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Therapy practice in the Nova Southeastern University Clinic Pharmacy.  Before this she worked 7 years in the NSU College of Osteopathic Medicine where she put together an Integrative Medicine Department and created the certificate in Functional Nutrition and Herbal Therapy. Her research is focused on natural medicine and supplementation therapy and is currently conducting research on Antibiotic Resistance and Natural Immune Builders, Herbal considerations in the elderly populations, and genomics.
Her website is where she has courses, including "Becoming your own Health Investigator" for people who want to stay healthy using a more natural approach.
Dr. Kevin Ng completed his medical training in Singapore in 1963, and became a Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor of Pharmacology . He then was conferred a PhD by the University of London in October 1968 for his research on the “Dynamics of the renin-angiotensin system”. Dr Kevin moved to Miami in 1987. After a long international illustrious career as a leading force in pharmacology, and inventor of ACE inhibitors, he turned his interest to Food as Medicine because foods and medicines have a common origin. Dr. Ng believes in  Hippocrates’ teaching “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”.
Here is one of his many slideshows about this topic.
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