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TOPIC: Mantra Marma Therapy: Healing the Marma Energy Vortexes With prescribed Mantric Words of Power and Seven Dragons YoGong: A system of body-mind-spirit energy exercises which combines Yogic and Qigong practices
Ameni Sasna Kheperaa (aka Ellieth Ameni Harris) began his career as a Research Scientist in the Chemical Industry, specializing in Paper, Wastewater treatment Mining and Enhanced oil recovery, where he developed 4 patents. As a lifelong student of yoga and yogic sciences for 45 years, Master Harris studied with Sri Swami Satchidananda of Integral Yoga in Yogaville Virginia, and has been recognized as a Senior Yoga and Medical Qigong teacher for over 20 years. Interested in the healing power of food, Master Harris studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute, and obtained Certification in Chef Core Mastery. He earned his  MS in Nutrition at the  University Of Bridgeport, and works as Clinical Nutritionist and food therapist,  specializing in Enzyme Nutrition, Naturopathic nutrition, and African World Food Therapy; Master Harris was also  an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Nutrition in the College of Naturopathic Medicine, teaching  Holistic Nutrition. Master Harris is an Herbalist with in depth knowledge in Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine and Ancient Egyptian Medicine, and has worked in many  clinics including; The Naturopathic Medical Center, Integrative Wellness, Life Prescriptions-Life Rx and Transcendence Wellness.
Immersing himself in TCM, he studied and practiced Chinese herbalism and medical QiGong, and co-Lead  health/education tours in Chinatown, NYC with  Dr. Z and The Natural Nurse®  He is an international lecturer in holistic health and was a radio host for over 20 years on WPKN, Bridgeport, working with Dr Zampieron on the program Black Introspectives .
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Jaime Salas Rushford, MD is a conventionally trained physician who practices integrative medicine centered on performance athletes. He is the  author of, “Fight Colds, Flu & Other Infections with AHCC,”  .  After completing his training at two of New York's preeminent hospitals, St. Vincent and Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Rushford went on to open the leading integrative wellness clinic in Puerto Rico treating patients in New York City, Florida & Puerto Rico.  He holds board certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.  Dr. Rushford is an expert on digestive health and probiotics. 

 During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been working on the frontlines with patients in New York and in Puerto Rico. He is currently working to help get people safely back to work  by writing opening protocols and establishing testing logistics. He is here to talk about how businesses can help employees prepare their immune systems for a second wave of COVID-19 and what will be required to get people back to work safely to avoid the spread of this virus. 

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Twitter: @DrSalasRushford
Instagram: @FitBodyMD

Join hosts Dr Eugene Zampieron and Ellen Kamhi ,The Natural Nurse®  as they  discuss  well proven strategies covered in their best selling book, ARTHRITIS, The Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide, and  focus on the tradition, folklore and scientific inquiry into therapies for autoimmune health challenges, with a focus on Sjogren’s syndrome. They cover Chinese Rehmannia root,  Cordyceps chinensis, and a powerful polyphenolic compound, Rosemarinic acid, extracted from Rosemary. Contact:
Dr. Michael Lipelt, the eclectic doctor, is the founder of Stillpoint Family Health Services (SFHS). He uses his own personal experience with healing, his connection with the land, and years of diverse training and experience in natural medicine to tailor a unique, personalized solution to support and assist your natural healing ability and to achieve health goals for you and your family. Dr. Lipelt was led on a path of natural medicine 30 years ago after hurting his back in a bike accident, and finding no cure or relief using conventional, allopathic medicine. The resulting chronic pain and restricted movement interfered with his job as a dentist. Known as the eclectic doctor, his injury led him to study many natural medical systems, all with the common foundation of healthy diet and lifestyle.
On today’s show he will share his in depth learning to discuss Climate Change, COVID, and its effects on Healthcare, from a Holistic Perspective.

The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z
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