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Gustavo Sumi is a professional dancer, holistic yoga instructor and myofascial release stretch master, looking to help others in need while engaging and motivating all throughout a valuable mind and body work of art.
 After discovering his love of dance at age 7, Gustavo hasn’t stopped moving since.  He has perfected his craft by immersing himself in the world of ballet, jazz, theatre and modern dance in arenas from Miami to Los Angeles.  Gustavo has trained with some of the best in the business including Dancing with the Stars, TEDx, MTV and Jennifer Lopez.  He uses his high energy and upbeat personality to motivate his students to activate their mind, body and spirit and unlock their inner strength and potential.  Gustavo incorporates the philosophy and healing power of Yoga, Tai Chi and Stretch Massage Therapy to produce a well-rounded and restorative workout that reaps the most benefits for his students.  He aims to create a fun, safe environment that will inspire clients to make the lifestyle choices that will best help in achieving their goals. 
Dr. Kenny Fine, is a board certified physician, accomplished musician, and  creator of Oro-Intestinal Fitness Products ( Dr. Fine is a gastroenterologist who has held staff positions at both Baylor University Medical Center and the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical School. His medical research has appeared in prestigious medical journals including The New England Journal of Medicine, Gastroenterology, The Journal of Clinical Investigation, and The American Journal of Gastroenterology.  He has been professionally involved in patient care, medical research, teaching, directing clinical laboratories, nutritional pioneering and original health products and unique organic health food product development for almost 30 years. On today’s show, Dr. Fine will discuss the 6 Tenets of FINER health, including the connection to music to healing.

Dr. Ken Redcross  earned his medical degree from Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, specializing in internal medicine. He is a specialist in internal medicine and founder of one of the first full-service concierges, personalized medical practices in the United States.  His book, “Bond: The 4 Cornerstones of a Lasting and Caring Relationship with Your Doctor,” underscores the importance of having a good relationship with your doctor for better health – which is especially important during flu season.  
Contact:   Website: 
                 Twitter: @DrRedcross 
                 Instagram: drredcross

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