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Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN,, interviews Stephen Schimpff, MD. Dr Schimpff  is an internist, professor of medicine and public health, and was formerly  CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center. Dr. Schimpff has written five books for a general audience, including  “The Future of Medicine: Megatrends in Healthcare.” It is focused on genomics, vaccines, technology, imaging, stem cells, the operating room and information management along with complementary medicine. On today’s show we will discuss his latest book,  Longevity Decoded - The 7 Keys to Healthy Aging."  Contact:
Ellen Kamhi PHD RN ,, interviews Dr. Mark Menolascino, MD.  Dr. Mark is the medical director of the Meno Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He  has more than 35 years of healthcare experience and  is one of the few physicians who is board certified as an Internal Medicine Specialist, board certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine, board certificated in Anti-Aging Medicine as well as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Additionally, he has a Master’s degree in Pharmacology and Immunology and was a doctoral candidate in the Medical Scientist Program assisting with clinical trials of new medications as well as part of the Heart Disease Reversal Team with Dr. Dean Ornish. Menolascino’s medical knowledge is complemented by advanced training and clinical experience in nutrition, naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine/acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine
and homeopathy.
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Host Ellen Kamhi PHD RN,, interviews Gerontology Specialist and author, Cassandra Hill,MA. Her book is AGING WITH ESSENTIAL OILS.  Cassandra has a passion for enhancing the quality of life of the aging population as well as their caregivers.  Cassandra  graduated with a Master of Arts in Gerontology after completing a thesis on “How Does Place of Residence Affect Depression Among Seniors”. She was recognized as VIP Woman of the Year in by the National Association of Professional Women. She is on the Advisory Committee of Alzheimer’s Cure Foundation and serves on the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging for the state of Arkansas. Cassandra also owns and operates a wellness consulting business helping individuals on their path to healthy living, and supports the use of natural therapies, such as essential oils, to help her clients lead a better life. Contact: 877-365-8648
The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z
Co-hosts, Ellen Kamhi, PHD, RN and Dr. Eugene Zamperion discuss Events including Herbal Medicine Making Funshops, China Town Tours and Jamaica excursions.  They will also have an in depth discussion about their Book, SUPPLEMENTS for PAIN.
Dr.s Kamhi and Zamperion have been natural health practitioners for decades, and are the Hosts of The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z.
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The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z
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