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Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND, AHG,,  interviews Dr. Norman Suhu.
Dr Norman Suhu maintains two naturopathic practices in New York City and Glen Cove NY.  Patients at the clinics receive carroll food testing, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and various energy medicines to help resynchronize them with nature.  He has researched extensively on the uses of natural substances and raw materials and applied them to energy medicine.  
Dr Suhu offers unique diagnostic techniques, including Methods of detection that could be as simple as evaluating the nails, tongue, pulse and skin texture. Other methods could call for evaluating peripheral blood morphology and electrical conductance measurements of acupuncture points,  as well as a thorough interview. Dr. Norm also offers a wide range of natural therapies, including acupuncture, and highly specialized energetic  techiniques such as Biosyntonie, Lymphatic system air compression, Magnatherm, Dermaray high frequency, Jade gemstone and sound frequency and Neurotron therapy.
On todays show, Dr. Norm Suhu will discuss Mother Earth Healing.
Dr. Eugene Zamperion, ND, AHG, interviews Dr. Carina Lopez, ND. Dr. Lopez  is a bilingual Spanish/English naturopathic doctor, homeopath, licensed acupuncturist, master herbalist and biosyntonist. Using a supportive environment, Dr. Lopez assists with a spectrum of issues using the body’s own healing potential and natural, safe, effective treatments.
Dr. Lopez began her career in conventional medical school, a model of healthcare that disillusioned her. During this time she became quite ill and thus learned the profound connection between health and happiness.
In search of a new model of healthcare that would be more fulfilling, she traveled to Belize, working with shaman. She enrolled at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, and the School of Natural Healing. She also traveled to India and volunteered at the Maher Baba Free Homeopathic Dispensary and practiced homeopathy under her mentor, Robert Street. Dr. Lopez has also attended the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy-Greece for Post-Graduate studies under George Vithoulkas.
Host Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND, AHG,, interviews Dr. George Savastio. Dr. George is a member of UBCNM’s second graduating class. While at UB he, along with his then future wife Beth Devlin, ND, and a handful of other students, started the Student Government and served as its first president. Following graduation he and his wife opened a practice that focused on Ayurvedic medicine. At the same time, he was invited by the dean to teach Naturopathic Philosophy and Critical Thinking at UB, which he remembers with great fondness. After two years he was invited by Dr. James D’Adamo, ND to move to NH where he practiced under the guidance of that wise elder who had over 50 years of experience as a naturopath. He and Dr. Devlin have been operating their own practice, Elemental Medicine, in Dover for the past five years. Contact:

Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN,, interviews Dr. Karen Louise Herbst.  Karen Herbst, PhD, MD is associate professor at the University of Arizona medical school in Tucson and director of the TREAT program for Treatment, Research and Education about Adipose Tissue. The Lipedema Foundation provided the initial funding for the TREAT program. Karen sees patients at the University of Arizona and the Herbst Clinic. She specializes in lymphatic system issues, lipedema, and other adipose tissue disorders. Dr. Karen’s clinical research centers on understanding the underlying pathophysiology of adipose tissue disorders including the lymphatic system, as well as treatment options, including natural supplements. Her basic science research aims to find gene mutations in families with Dercum’s disease. Karen received her MD from Rush University and did her residency at University of Washington School of Medicine. She is board certified in internal medicine with endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism sub-specialty. Additionally, Karen is active in fat and lymphatic disease advocacy and education with the Fat Disorders Research Society and other organizations. She travels extensively to address patient and professional groups around the world. She is one of the authors of the informative book, Lymphedema and Lipedema Nutrition Guide. For more information, see the book website:

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