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Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN,, interviews Mr. Ken Snyder. Ken is an Occupational Therapist, Massage Therapist and Medical and Healthcare Advocate. He has worked with people having a wide variety of healthcare needs including, in-patient psychiatry and substance abuse, adults with developmental delays and multiple physical handicaps in residential and day program settings, children with learning challenges in public schools and on the Reservation, and with physical challenges in the rehabilitation clinic. He has provided presentations, trainings, and play-shops on topics ranging from on-site massage, stress, task, and mind management (Therapeutic Management Systems), and the Evolution of Consciousness, to NVC( Non Violent Communication), and optimizing the satisfaction we derive from our activities of daily living. He presently offers Quality of Life Extension services to those considering end of life issues. Most recently, when he's not walking across the United States to inspire action on the climate crisis or contemplate our complicity with it, he's busy meeting with government representatives working to draft resolutions to oppose the fast tracking of dubious international trade agreements. For More Information on Trade Agreements and Other Topics discussed on today’s show:

The Truth About Beauty, “Breaking the Rules……Why Being a Health Rebel is Key to Achieving Successful Transformation”

Joining us today is Kat James, the award-winning author and renowned transformation expert of “The Truth About Beauty.” Before becoming the natural health world’s premiere beauty-oriented health expert, —and, before that, one of the most quoted celebrity makeup experts of the nineties—Kat had a far deeper transformation that involved overcoming a 12-year, heroin-like addiction to food and a slew of other serious diseases. After healing herself of one issue after the other while dropping ten dress sizes and dramatically transforming her skin in the process, Kat spent nearly a decade gathering the science to validate the unusual approach she pieced together for her own health & vitality. Since then, she’s gone on to help thousands dramatically transform their lives and their looks as she did through her bestselling book, her national health columns, talk radio show, PBS special, and her acclaimed Total Transformation programs. You can learn more about her at  

The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z
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