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Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN,, interviews Akshata Nayak , MSACN, MS. Akshata was born and raised in the city of Bangalore in southern India. She  earned a Masters in Biochemistry and a Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition and  participated in basic research in the fields of Immunology and Emergency Medicine for six years. She then refocused her energy into establishing a business that helps to create balance in overall health. Presently, she works as a nutritionist at Alternative Roots Wellness Center, a holistic health center she started with her husband, Dr. Gregory Giasson. She also established The Orange Owl Shop, which provides all–natural, skin care products, which are handmade  in an eco–friendly and socially–conscious manner. The Orange Owl products are 100% chemical free – no parabens, dyes, silicones, phthalates, sulfates, fragrance oils or petroleum products. The packaging is green, and all products are vegan–friendly. On todays show, Akshata discusses the dangers associated with chemicals in cosmetics, and how to correctly decipher ingredient labels in both food and skincare preparations, as well as  the overall health benefits of using all natural products. Contact:

Dr. Howard Robins has been a leader in the practice of Podiatric Medicine since 1973, and was Director of Foot Surgery at two New York hospitals. He was a  professor of Preventive Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology for over 10 years, and the Chair of Basic Sciences and Exercise, Edison State College in New Jersey.  After focusing on conventional western medicine and surgery for many years, Dr. Robins began his studies in natural medical practices. He became an international expert on natural healing and nutrition as well as Bio-oxidative therapies. He is a leader in intravenous ozone therapy here in the USA and is the only physician with extensive experience in both major forms (Auto-hemotherapy and Direct IV), and  opened the first oxygen bar in the USA, “The Oxygen Station”. Dr. Robins has appeared on several hundred radio shows and dozens of television shows world wide for the last 30 years. He is the co-author of two books with Gary Null. Dr. Robins’ practice is located across from Carnegie Hall in midtown Manhattan, where he sees patients from 42 states and over 30 countries.

Host Dr. Eugene Zampierion, ND, MH,, interviews “Clean Air Ambassador: ALEXANDRA ALLRED”. Alexandra is a former U.S. Olympic bobsledder, and the first woman in the history of the sport to be named U.S. National Champion and Athlete of the Year by the U.S. Olympic Committee, while pregnant.  Allred has been featured on ESPN, HBO Sports, Sports Illustrated, and countless book, magazine and newspaper profiles. An accomplished author, Allred is a wife and mother of four. DAMAGED GOODS is a story about the struggles of a family caught in the environmental and political quagmire of living in an extremely ‘toxic town.’ In 2005, Allred was instrumental in bringing Erin Brokovich to her hometown of Midlothian, Texas, the “Cement Capital of Texas.” Allred joined the environmental group, Downwinders at Risk, testified before the EPA and members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives., traveling frequently to WashingtonD.C. She also joined forces with Earthjustice. In 2008 USA Today released new findings: the elementary school that Allred’s child attended was named in the upper one percentile of the most toxic elementary schools in the United States! Still, there is no action to change the situation. Today Allred routinely travels to Washington, D.C. to meet with Senators, speak before the United States Environmental Protection Agency and lobby on the Hill. CONTACT:

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