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Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN,, interviews Earl Mindell, R. Ph., Ph.D., Dr. Mindell is the bestselling author of over a dozen books, including Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible which has sold over 10 million copies and has been translated into 33 languages. Dr. Mindell is a registered pharmacist, a master herbalist, and a professor of nutrition. On today's show we discuss his latest book, Dr. Earl Mindell's Allergy Bible , which features hundreds of conventional and alternative strategies and treatments for every kind of allergy and cuts through the maze of misinformation to provide allergy sufferers with the best and latest information. He clarifies how to: Breathe easier by reducing symptoms of hay fever and other outdoor allergies. - Evaluate the top prescription and over-the-counter remedies - Control food allergies - Allergy-proof your home and workplace. - Use the "Hot 55 Anti-allergy Arsenal" for specific allergies. Contact:

Host Dr Eugene Zampieron, ND, interviews Christopher Vasey, ND. Dr. Vasey joins us from Chamby-Montreux, Switzerland. He completed his naturopathic degree in Paris, and began private practice in 1979. Since 1994 he has  written books with a spiritual approach to health and nature. Available only in French, the books discuss the mystery of the blood, laws of nature, and elemental beings. Dr Vasey has also authored several books published internationally, including “The Acid Alkaline Diet” , “The Water Prescription” , “The Mono Detox Cure” and “The Whey Cure”. On todays show, Christopher discusses his latest book, The Healing Power of Fever, your Body’s Natural Defense Against Disease. Contact:

Guest: Deborah Merlin

Deborahs’ mission was to become an advocate for her special needs twins. Medical professionals only offered drugs.  She sought alternative methods, did extensive ADHD and other health-related research, and kept impeccable records. In 1993, she co-chaired the Westside Cities Council to help promote Public Law 99457, part H, to implement early intervention services from birth through three years of age for children at risk. In 1990 and 1991, she coordinated outreach to pediatricians (under Public Law 99457, part H) and coordinated presentations at hospitals to educate pediatricians on early intervention services and resources for children at risk from infancy to three years of age. She is a frequent guest speaker on radio shows through out the United States and Canada.  She is a consultant to parents who need support, provides resources regarding their children’s individual needs, and she is an artist.


Guest: Dr. Arthur De Vany

Dr. Eugene Zampieron interviews Arthur De Vany. Dr. De Vany is a Professor in the Department of Economics and the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences at the University of California, Irvine.  He is author of 100 scientific articles and books ranging from economics to astrophysics, social learning, artificial intelligence, and evolution.  At 73 years young, Arthur is called "Superman's slightly fitter grandad" by the London Times and a "patriarch of the Paleo Movement" in the New York Times. Combining his interests as a scientist and athlete, he is the creator of Evolutionary Fitness, the first integrated model of Paleo diet, intermittent fasting, and exercise. He is a living example of what he teaches: at  6'1", 205 pounds and having less than 8% body fat. He has lived as a Paleo/Athlete for more than 25 years.    On today’s show, Dr. De Vany discusses his book, THE NEW EVOLUTION DIET. Contact:

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