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Guest:  Demetria Clark

Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN, interviews Demetria Clark, author of Herbal Healing for Children.

Demetria Clark is a North American herbalist specializing in herbals for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, nursing and children. She is a traditional family herbalist. She has worked with families for over 20 years as an herbalist, aromatherapist, midwife, doula and traditional medicine maker. She works extensively in the US and Europe, blending the two traditions. Demetria lectures extensively on herbal care for sexuality, pregnancy and woman's health. Demetria believes in families having options to self empower and have health and wellness options.

She is the Founder and Director of Heart of Herbs Herbal school ( and the doula training program, Birth Arts International (

Guest: Karen Ranzi
Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN,, interviews author, lecturer and nutrition consultant , Karen Ranzi. In addition to her work in nutrition, Karen holds a Masters degree in speech pathology from New York University, and is a speech therapist working with children of all ages for over 30 years, specializing with autistic children for the past 10 years. Karen was able to heal her son from asthma, chronic ear infections and allergies, and herself from digestive, gynecological and skin problems through dietary and lifestyle changes. Her 496 page book, Creating Healthy Children Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods. is replete with the results of seven years of research on optimal nutrition and model environmental factors from prenatal care through the teen years. Articles by leading experts in their fields and accounts by parents detailing their own positive experiences abound. Karen?fs sincere desire to share her message, comes through in her enthusiastic presentation in person and via many media events. Contact:

Host Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND, AHG,,  interviews Wise Woman Herbalist,  SUSUN S. WEED, the voice of the Wise Woman Tradition, and one of the “founding grandmothers of the herbal renaissance.” Susan continues her discussion about her new book, on sexual health,  Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health, the Wise Woman Way, with a focus on sexual wellness for men.  Her four previous bestseller titles include New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way; Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way; Healing Wise, the Second Wise Woman Herbal; and Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year. Weed maintains an active, worldwide teaching schedule. She offers correspondence courses, online education through the Wise Woman University, and shamanic apprenticeships. Contact:

Guest: Victoria Bowmann

Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, interviews Victoria Bowmann, PhD. Victoria is a health care professional, author and speaker with more than 30 years of expertise in cleansing, detoxification, digestive and gastro-intestinal (GI) health. Growing up with allergies and a predisposition to arthritis and other genetic ailments, Bowmann began in earnest at a young age to research alternative treatments to invasive conventional approaches.

Bowmann honed in on the importance of cleansing and detoxification as a major factor in optimizing health. She created a widely used manual on reflorastation, a technique used to reintroduce healthy bacteria into the bowel following colon hydrotherapy. Bowmann has traveled internationally to educate other colon therapists and physicians and has personally trained technicians at the Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland.

In her book , You Gotta Have GUTS: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health, Bowmann shares her extensive knowledge in layman's terms and touts the relationship between GI health and overall well-being. Bowman maintains a private holistic therapy practice in Phoenix, Ariz., where she creates treatment plans designed to detoxify the body and restore a greater degree of vitality to the individual. Contact:

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