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Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN,, interviews scientist David Gann. David Gann’s scientific career spans over 30 years in scientific, engineering, and management experience as an integral member of numerous scientific teams. He has been successful in developing cutting-edge technologies such as the first ultra-high-density magnetic recording medium for Zwan Magnetics (early 1980’s), which included research into the manufacture of rare-earth magnets. During the late 1990’s, in conjunction with UCLA, Mr. Gann’s began his research into the detection and labeling of nano-sized particles found in homeopathic solutions. He was involved with the Department of Immunology at UCLA researching an isolated particle as a stimulant of T-cells (human immune system), with more than 57 blind studies all demonstrating dramatic significant improvements in immune response. Mr. Gann has organized educational symposiums on crucial environmental issues, including global climate change and nuclear waste cleanup in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratories. Today we will discuss his new book Double Helix Water. Contact:

Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN, interviews Tim Shurr, M.A.. Tim focuses on issues in human behavior, communication, and peak performance, and how self-sabotage can interfere with growth in these areas. Tim’s new book Get Out Of Your Way: How to Eliminate Self-Sabotage and Win Your Life, reveals how people are unconsciously making their lives more difficult and stressful and what they can do to instantly take control! Learn why willpower and positive thinking don't work, what most therapists are afraid to admit, and why most self-help programs fail! If you are Self-Sabotaging Your Relationships, Money or Health, listen to discover Tim Shurr’s system to Bust Bad Habits in 15 Seconds! Tim is the president of Shurr! Success, Inc., For more information on Tim Shurr, visit

Host, Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND, AHG, interviews Dr. William E. Hablitzel, M.D. Dr. Hablitzel is an internist in southern Ohio, started his career as a firefighter-paramedic for his hometown fire department. As an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, he has been recognized for excellence in teaching. His work in rural health care was honored by resolutions passed by the Ohio State Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives. Dr. Hablitzel recognizes and teaches about life-changing lessons in the things that happen to us everyday that we can learn to use to make our lives better. He is the author of Dying Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, and the new book, It Was Only a Moment Ago, Dr. Hablitzel shares moving and healing stories that offer the gift of wisdom.

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