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Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND, AHG,, interviews Dr. David M. Brady. Dr. Brady is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He is the Vice Provost of the Division of Health Sciences, the Director of the Human Nutrition Institute, and an Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences at the University of Bridgeport. He also serves as the Chief Medical Officer and primary product formulator for Designs for Health, Inc. Dr. Brady is a technical consultant for Metametrix Clinical Laboratories and also maintains a private practice, Whole Body Medicine, in Trumbull, CT, specializing in "Functional and Metabolic Medicine". Finally, Dr. Brady has been the author and contributor for numerous books and professional publications. His newest release is Dr. Brady's Healthy Revolution: What You Really Need to Know to Stay Healthy in a Sick World. For more info: View the University of Bridgeport Health Sciences Video at


October 4, 2010


Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, interviews Dr. Darren Wayne. Dr. Wayne is the leading specialist and pioneer in the areas of Cellular Nutrition and Holistic Medicine, and holds a PhD in Bio-Science, and is a 3rd Generation Naturalist. Dr. Wayne has never been vaccinated/inoculated. Dr. Wayne has been featured on hundreds of radio and television shows both nationally and internationally; he lectures to fortune 500 companies and is the Author of the popular book, Organic Panic. Organic Panic reveals the often unnoticed benefits of eating organic food and how the benefits of eating organic food are constantly being suppressed. You need to know this, because now in the 21st century, drugs are depended on more than food itself! Contact: Phone: 949-208-2590 or at


Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND, AHG,, interviews Dr. Kathleen Albertson, L. Ac., Acupuncturist, Herbalist. Dr. Albertson is the author of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women’s Health: Bridging the Gap Between Western and Eastern Medicine.

Dr. Albertson believes in educating patients and the public on the benefits of holistic health and bridging the gap between Western and Eastern health care. She has been in private practice in CA for over 15 years. While specializing in women's health, she treats men, and children as well, of all ages, for a wide variety of heath problems.Contact:

Phone: 949 861-8901


August 30, 2010


Host Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, interviews Dr Sherry Rogers. Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. is board certified by the American Board of Environmental Medicine, a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and charter board certified diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice. She has been medical doctor in solo private practice in environmental medicine for over 40 years.

She has lectured at Oxford and has taught well over 100 physician courses in 6 countries, has published over 16 books including today’s topic book: IS YOUR CARDIOLOGIST KILLING YOU?? In addition, she has published over 20 scientific papers in medical journals, textbook chapters, has a referenced newsletter for 20 years, a non-patient reader consulting service, is the guest on over 100 radio shows a year, and much more. Her on-going focus has been the evidence-based molecular biochemical changes that cause disease and how correcting this brings about actual cure of the most seemingly recalcitrant conditions.

Contact: 800-846-6687


August 23, 2010


Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND, AHG, , interviews Dr Norman Suhu. Dr Suhu is a naturopath and acupuncturist who maintains offices in Manhattan and Glen Cove, N.Y.

He has extensive post-graduate training in classical homeopathy and acupuncture. Dr. Suhu has studied under numerous masters of ancient healing arts, including Dr. Ridak Sawa, Professor of Tibetan herbs and clinical massage from the Tibetan Medical College in Dharmasala, and the only son of the Dalai Lama's personal physician. Dr. Suhu also specializes in the unique bio-energetic therapy known as Biosyntonie. Today’s topic is “Tibetan Wisdom for Disease Prevention and Longevity.”

Dr. Suhu will focus on the theories and practices unique to the ancient healing system of Tibetan Medicine.

Contact: (212) 691-8281


August 16, 2010


Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, The Natural Nurse, interviews Dr. Jonny Bowden, C.N.S . Dr. Bowden has a Master’s Degree in psychology and counseling and a PhD in nutrition, and has earned six national certifications in personal training and exercise. He is board certified by the American College of Nutrition, and a much in-demand speaker at conferences and events across the country. Jonny Bowden is on a mission to help YOU look and feel better than ever before. Learn nutritional healing, effective weight loss tips and longevity secrets from his acclaimed nutritional healing newsletter, In Step with Jonny, best-selling books, blog posts and more! His books include: "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth", "The 150 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy", "Living Low Carb" and many others. Dr. Bowden writes the monthly “Healthy Solutions” column for Better Nutrition Magazine, is a regular contributor to America Online, and a contributing editor for both Clean Eating magazine and Total Health Magazine. Contact: (815) 331-5341


August 2, 2010


Host Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN interviews Dr. Atul and Rupa Shah . Both are M.D.’s with degrees in Allopathic medicine. They are a husband and wife team who perform advanced research in Natural Medicine, and offer a wide array of healing technologies. These include Himalaya Flower Remedies, Isotherapy, Electromagnetic Pollution and Environmental Protection Devices, Environmental stress, Vastu (Indian Feng shui), and many other modalities. They are frequently invited to deliver guest lectures at various national and International conferences and seminars on alternative medicines. They have been frequently interviewed by the press and have been on television to talk about their work. They regularly work with and ship information and healing modalities to people in the United States, as well as internationally. CONTACT:


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