Host: Dr. Eugene Zampieron

David W. Dahlberg has lived many lives -- From talking to Mickey Mouse at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair to his modern-day role as a school teacher, sports and music addict, and as a father. Mr. Dahlberg suffered through a childhood of anxieties that morphed into OCD from the age of about 14 into his forties. Much of his own youth was spent living with an untreatable, unnamed condition which is now known as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Hiding the condition, as OCD sufferers do, he lived a partially functional life. Mr. Dahlberg's high academic aptitudes and exceptional memory allowed him to function as a reasonably normal person, but not the highly-functional one locked behind the bars of OCD. His perseverance to function and be normal drove him to fight his OCD every day, and, when finally curable, decades after its onset, this OCD was finally defeated. Now cognizant of the early symptoms of OCD, he was able to recognize such symptoms in his younger daughter, and get her the treatment he had been denied. Today, Mr. Dahlberg lives in Snohomish with his successful wife and daughters, who sing, ski race, and, although busy, have a lot of fun. On this show, David discusses his book, "Life in a Whirlwind of Numbers,"

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